iGECE is a premier bioinformatics, computational biology, and computational systems biology research organization that uses transdisciplinary methologies to science combining information technology, biostatistics, biology, bioenergy, chemistry, nanomaterial, environment science, and medicine. These methodologies are used to interpret and apply mutltidimensional of sysetms biological datasets generated from basic research to some of today’s key challenging issues to the society and humanity. iGECE team analyzes the large amounts of data and creates new knowledge that is disseminated to the world’s scientific communities. iGECE is also a privately-held Research Institute currently mainly focusing on critical missions of food and bioenergy security, biodefense to human pathogens, environmental quality monitoring and bioremediation strategy. iGECE team has significant training, research experience, and strong technical capability in bioinformatics, nanomaterial, systems biology, and high performance supercomputing; and is building towards a world leading institute in these scientific areas to add values to humanity and civilization. Currently, iGECE conducts business via seeking and applying for various grant and contract opportunities, and consulting business in the cutting-edge areas of bioinformatics and computational systems biology.

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Last updated by Dr. Jeff Chen on August 25, 2011.